The ‘I’m a Social Worker’ deception

June 28, 2015 – Alderman Cappleman (middle) with Lauren Peters (2nd from left) getting ready to assault me for taking this picture of Cappleman next to the Uptown Baptist Church. I’ve been inviting Cappleman to talk about it for years now, he remains silent. He walked away, apparently OK with the violent abuse of an older constituent by staff half their age, sound like a social worker? I think not. Still, I am ready to get past this when Cappleman is.

Writing about Cappleman is like having teeth pulled

Oy vey iz mir. Serious lamentations. It has to be done however. I need to lay some foundations and move forward. FYI, I know how written text can be misread, there is no sarcasm or condescension in this post. Factual confrontation, yes.

I must confess my anger at the Alderman’s actions recently grew full blown. I was in a state of sin. No excuses, no rationalizations. I was wrong. Its amazing how the blur of lines you don’t want to cross occurs when anger grows… Its still like radiation to me, so I am zipping through these Cappleman posts.

You see Alderman Cappleman, respectfully, you and I are not so different. We are both sinners. I can actually envision that we could sit down and talk. Not on your terms though. We need to both be in a repentant state. If you are not there yet, that is cool, I took a long time too.

You might think people just want to yell, but that is not true. People are just frustrated talking to a wall that doesn’t listen, that just wants to talk in circles about how it is not a wall. No one wants to waste their time with that.

As someone with social worker training, even if you didn’t take it to heart, you must recognize that addict kind of yip-yap in yourself.

Well, if you don’t see it, consider asking God (seriously) to reveal it to you. Worked for me, you’d be amazed at what God has shown me, once I stopped filling the answer box with my own answers and asked Him instead.

Again respectfully, because you stated you were once a Friar, perhaps then or even now still, you believe(d) in an all powerful God, the grace and mercy of Jesus. Either way, God loves you as much as me, but I cannot bring you to Him, only you can go.

A hand as cold as dead

One evening, earlier this week on Wilson Avenue, I shook the hand of a former Uptown Tent City resident, an older man whose hand was cold as dead. I touched his shoulder and felt his clothes, he was soaking wet from head to foot. The weather was windy and chilly, the wrong time to be soaking wet. I would generally describe him as appearing ‘shell shocked’. ‘Sleeping’ outside on blankets in the rain, hiding in the park. I gave him a tent, which is a pathetically inadequate response.

This situation is a direct result of the evictions. One of a hundred. Cappleman owns this. Is this social work? I think not.

Now here is the thing, am I any better a person than Cappleman? Surely, I am no better, probably even worse a person than Cappleman. I did face my bad and repent though.

Repentance sounds like a harsh word, but in reality it is a lot easier than days, weeks, and years of rationalizing clearly wrong behavior. Once you do it, you wonder why you resisted so long.

Ephesians 5:11 NIV
Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

I will also mention that the National Association of Social Workers, Illinois Chapter cared enough about this to actually ‘sponsor’ or pay to have this Facebook post more widely circulated. They also posted it on their webpage:

NASW-Illinois Chapter Statement on the Homeless Tent City in Uptown

FYI, writing this post has been a real spiritual blessing to me. I’m sure I learned more about my own heart than I tried to share with Cappleman about his, as it should be. The needless suffering of the homeless and poor in Uptown however, needs to be dealt with. A wrong needs to be righted. Otherwise we need a new leader.


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