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24 Jan 2018

Uptown residents living outside still need tents

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Uptown Outside still quietly distributing tents

Contrary to Aldermanic and Mayoral lies, many evicted residents of Uptown Tent City are still not housed and still trying to survive outside in the often dangerous weather.

Obviously, locations are on the down low. The City may occasionally get caught on camera throwing everything people own in a garbage truck. They may even call it ‘unfortunate’ or ‘a mistake’.

Know these are purposeful, constantly occurring events and not occasional ones, no matter what the politicians say. You may not see a tent city but they are there, albeit broken in many pieces and frequently found and thrown in the garbage.

Please keep people living outside in your prayers.


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28 Nov 2017

Cappleman’s post Uptown Tent City reality

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Shame on 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman

Join me and pray for -every- alderman and the Mayor to find out, the hard way if necessary, exactly how painful and scary being homeless is, please. Pray for realistic and compassionate laws and the properly prioritized and honest support of our elected officials.


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19 Nov 2017

Would Jesus give this man a smoke?

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I believe he would

I did, along with a cup of coffee. I woke up late today, missed church. Instead, I met my new friend DW filling out a rental application in front of Uplift High School.

It’s a new friendship, he hasn’t opened up yet. He was sitting there with 2 big plastic garbage cans, filled with bags and milk crates of all his earthly possessions. It was 31 degrees Fahrenheit outside and sunny thankfully. Beautiful day, but still you wouldn’t want to live outside in it.

My heart pours out when I meet someone like DW, obviously in housing distress. You want so bad to help but you may not have built the relationship and gained the trust yet. I don’t know DW’s story and how I might be able to help in a more concrete way.

Still, I think he appreciated the friendship, coffee and smoke, and I am 100% confident Jesus would have done the same. I tell you this not to call attention to my actions, but to encourage yours.

Make a friend today, it’s not hard or expensive. More than likely anywhere but surely in Uptown, you won’t run out of new friends.

Join me and pray for DW and others like him, please. Ask God to help us make new friends.


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26 Oct 2017

City continues to throw away homeless possessions

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A suitcase and some cardboard for sleeping, hidden in some bushes in Uptown Chicago.

Chicago Police Department and Chicago Park District continues their heartless assaults on homeless people

Wondered how things were going for viaduct eviction refugees living outside in or near the park? Not too good.

I have heard from several sources living in breakdown every day status in the park that some days ago they were woken up at 3:00am and forced to pack up and move. One man that I know of lost his tent then.

Now, even worse, the City has managed to grab a bunch of people’s possessions and throw them away, including tents and EVERYTHING they own.

Sounded like some were sick, and the stress of it all has at least one woman considering going to the hospital tonight.

I wish I could share more details and photos but people already living as targets for the City’s heartlessness need our protection.

The City of Chicago really is cruel. So much for social worker leaders…


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