7Dec 2017

Are Neighborhoods Animate or Inanimate Objects?

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Uptown mansion completed in 1913, 817 W Hutchinson is for sale today for $5.69 million. They don’t build them like this anymore in Uptown but if this was the development scale of today, with Alderman Cappleman Real Estate Industry thinking, you can be sure today’s condo owners would be of no value and tomorrow’s homeless.

The basic ignorance of 46th Ward Ald. Cappleman

…and the others in Chicago’s City Council, I can relate to it. In the first half of my adult life, in the 1970’s as a young property manager, through the mid 1980’s in a high-rise development team on the north side, I possessed many of the very same flaws. That is why I can see these flaws so clearly now.

Even from the mid 1980’s through the year 2000 when I was in the 1st half of my information technology career, just like my real estate time period, and just like Cappleman et al. does today, I saw a neighborhood or community as the buildings in it, the land, the amenities, not the people living there.

You can see this flawed thinking in play constantly at Team Cappleman’s anonymous real estate propaganda rag, the Uptown Update, as they announce each building development as though it were a baby birthed. It’s like playgrounds with no children. You and I may get it, but they just don’t get it. Their blindness is a very dark place. Sad.

Never be confused by the lies and rationalizations of people trying to cover up this deficiency. Actions are the evidence. People are sleeping on sidewalks, and every other nook and cranny they can find yet the City Council Development, Zoning and Building machine carries on full time with nary a thought for those it doesn’t deem worthy of even equal value to inanimate objects.

Learning things the hard way

I always pray for people to have an epiphany over the alternatives. Learning the hard way is not the optimum choice. It goes the same for leaders, who are just human beings as well.

Here’s an important takeaway for Cappleman et al. – ALL human beings have infinite worth. Buildings, land, bricks, concrete and steel, not so much. Invest in people. Put your time into people. Build for people. Provide for people that need housing, not buildings that need people.

There is nothing inherently wrong with -things- but there is a proper order and priority. Things do not hold a candle next to people. This is not up for debate. Acceptance, delusion or defect are the only options anyone has for this principle.

Buildings are for people, not the other way around. Don’t do a market analysis, do a needs analysis. If people are homeless or under-housed in your own ward, build for them. Do what is needed to house them including financially. Remember, you’re a lawmaker and leader. Make some laws and lead. Stop worrying about what the other wards are doing.

Represent equally ALL the people in the area you were elected to serve.

Have the epiphany or learn the hard way, your choice.

Don’t be spiritually homeless either

Fortunately for me, God’s grace became apparent to me in a slow motion epiphany. 59 years into life, near the end of 2015, I finally asked God to reveal himself on his terms. He did.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the greatest wisdom with everyone reading this, Jesus Christ is the cornerstone. This builder preempts all others.

Ephesians 2:19-22 NIV
19 Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, 20 built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. 21 In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. 22 And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

Join me and pray for -every- alderman and the Mayor to find out, the hard way if necessary, exactly how painful and scary being homeless is, please. Pray for realistic and compassionate laws and the properly prioritized and honest support of our elected officials.


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28Nov 2017

Cappleman’s post Uptown Tent City reality

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Shame on 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman

Join me and pray for -every- alderman and the Mayor to find out, the hard way if necessary, exactly how painful and scary being homeless is, please. Pray for realistic and compassionate laws and the properly prioritized and honest support of our elected officials.


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24Nov 2017

Politicians deceiving the public with Tiny Homes

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Homeless man in Uptown filling out a rental application, together with all his possessions

Failing homeless purposely with strategic dishonesty

Previously we learned, while Alderman Cappleman and Mayor Emanuel were busy violently wiping homeless encampments off the map of Chicago, they were already plotting their next planned failure for people experiencing homelessness, Tiny Homes.

More than 80,000 people experience homelessness annually in Chicago. The City’s viaduct homelessness pilot program housed less than 75 of them, a success rate of less than one one-hundredth of one percent (0.01%). I’m guessing few of us bringing such a success rate to our employers would face continued employment.

This is the challenge Chicago politicians rise without delay to, how to fail miserably and LIE to Chicago residents (their employers) that they are succeeding, that they care, and/or that they are doing something realistic to help.

Rather than followup with a larger, more effective program to house homeless people, the City’s answer is another inconsequential pilot program that will likely house even less or probably NO currently homeless people, Tiny Homes.

My belief is that housing NO currently homeless people is the goal of the City of Chicago Tiny Homes initiative.

Tiny Homes as envisioned by the City

Tiny Homes for the homeless sounds like a great concept, doesn’t it?

We’ve all seen many pictures of cute and pretty cool tiny homes. Wonderful, if you are somewhere between retirees from the North Shore or tech employed millennials seeking a simpler, scaled down and more affordable home. Still, this housing need shouldn’t be a publicly funded priority. These homes have nothing to do with housing the homeless. They are not an alternative to Tent Cities or Shelters.

Cappleman, Emanuel, their complicit aldermen (in other words, all of them) and their complicit non-profits should NOT be using the misery of people experiencing homelessness to further their phony, corrupt, insignificant or naive goals.

BootStrap Villages, the tiny home group Cappleman promotes, is planning on homes, modeled after other tiny homes that cost/sell for for $45,000-$65,000. The City of Chicago is gearing up to allow a zoning variance for a 5-6 home pilot program in Englewood and perhaps other locations. Credible sources say no other zoning for Tiny Homes will be allowed until after (if ever) the pilot and certainly not the type of zoning homelessness advocates believe is essential to help homeless people right now.

The scale of these type of plans is comedy at the public’s expense, considering the true scale and nature of the homelessness crisis in Chicago. Additionally, with a rigorous application process, accepting only residents prepared for home ownership, and making payments such as $300/month, who is fooled that this will help the homeless in any appreciable way?

Like the City’s viaduct homelessness pilot program housing people for up to 2 years, the City’s Tiny Homes initiative will make not even a drop in the bucket of homelessness in Chicago. It is an insult to anyone that can read. Cappleman’s expensive splashy video and TV circuit promotion makes it even more insulting.

Homelessness exists in crisis proportions

Homelessness is a right now, in your face, personal emergency. It is not fun, your problems have no patience. This is what Chicago government doesn’t seem to get or more accurately likely, doesn’t give a hoot about.

The Mayor and every single alderman, and I mean every one of them without exception, are completely detached from their humanity. To them, the value of life, as shown by their actions, is ZERO.

If these politicians had an ounce of human compassion, they would right now, today, in emergency fashion, in every ward and every neighborhood in the City use their full time attention, resources and funding to solve this crisis. They wouldn’t stop doing something about homelessness for one day, they would drop everything else. If they had empathy capabilities, they would understand this is exactly the type of emergency homelessness is. You can’t do anything effectively without a home.

They would pass every law necessary (they are law makers after all) and do everything from bringing in thousands of FEMA trailers to opening every vacant building to house the homeless. They have the funds, resources and power to do this. They choose not to.

The facts are that excuses and corruptions fill the spots where their human compassion should be. Purposeful, naive or deluded, it doesn’t matter, the lack of their real actions tells the story.

Tiny Homes envisioned by homelessness advocates

In consideration of reality, Tent Cities were a useful release valve for people experiencing homeless that couldn’t or wouldn’t absorb into the present homelessness system. No rigorous application, no income, no credit worthiness or legal status were necessary. If you were living on a sidewalk or sleeping on a train, if you had no spot on the face of the earth to call your home, you had one in an instant. Emergency at bay.

Horrible alternative? Yes, of course. There isn’t a homeless advocate that doesn’t want true and real housing for everyone. Housing is a human right! At the same time, we all said among ourselves, if we only had land and could build semi-permanent structures, this would be an immediate start and somewhere community and case management could be fostered.

The city needs to provide free land in every ward, period. Zoning is needed now for tiny homes as low as 100 square feet. Plumbing and sanitation facilities need to be in a common use building, not in the individual homes. Per home costs need to be less than $5,000.

There is more of course, but the whole point is to quickly address an emergency, not shore up the tax base. The point is to facilitate groups that are ready now to act. The point is NOT to do something in scale that 100 years from now, might be noticed as a blip. The point is NOT to set up a system that guarantees failure.

Tiny Homes could be a Godsend, an incredible major part of the solution for homelessness in Chicago, but not as Chicago City Council has designed and handicapped them.

I’m biased and I make no bones about it. I’m a Jewish follower of Jesus. I have yet to find in the Bible anything that remotely suggests building ice skating rinks, Ferris wheels or luxury housing before housing, feeding and caring for the least among us is the correct priority. Faith and non-faith advocacy groups alike will surely have a variety of motivations and solutions, but one thing a majority of the population is in agreement with is, the problem of homelessness needs to be solved, and sooner than later.

Chicago city government misprioritizes its responsibilities, both human and financial, and frankly is quite dishonest about it. Tiny Homes in all their forms are probably some kind of a positive contribution to Chicago’s housing stock but the forms the Chicago City Council are endorsing will not help homelessness. Our government deceives us and should be held accountable.

Join me and pray for -every- alderman and the Mayor to find out, the hard way if necessary, exactly how painful and scary being homeless is, please. Pray for realistic and effective Tiny Homes laws and the properly prioritized and honest support of our elected officials.


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19Nov 2017

Would Jesus give this man a smoke?

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I believe he would

I did, along with a cup of coffee. I woke up late today, missed church. Instead, I met my new friend DW filling out a rental application in front of Uplift High School.

It’s a new friendship, he hasn’t opened up yet. He was sitting there with 2 big plastic garbage cans, filled with bags and milk crates of all his earthly possessions. It was 31 degrees Fahrenheit outside and sunny thankfully. Beautiful day, but still you wouldn’t want to live outside in it.

My heart pours out when I meet someone like DW, obviously in housing distress. You want so bad to help but you may not have built the relationship and gained the trust yet. I don’t know DW’s story and how I might be able to help in a more concrete way.

Still, I think he appreciated the friendship, coffee and smoke, and I am 100% confident Jesus would have done the same. I tell you this not to call attention to my actions, but to encourage yours.

Make a friend today, it’s not hard or expensive. More than likely anywhere but surely in Uptown, you won’t run out of new friends.

Join me and pray for DW and others like him, please. Ask God to help us make new friends.


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26Oct 2017

City continues to throw away homeless possessions

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A suitcase and some cardboard for sleeping, hidden in some bushes in Uptown Chicago.

Chicago Police Department and Chicago Park District continues their heartless assaults on homeless people

Wondered how things were going for viaduct eviction refugees living outside in or near the park? Not too good.

I have heard from several sources living in breakdown every day status in the park that some days ago they were woken up at 3:00am and forced to pack up and move. One man that I know of lost his tent then.

Now, even worse, the City has managed to grab a bunch of people’s possessions and throw them away, including tents and EVERYTHING they own.

Sounded like some were sick, and the stress of it all has at least one woman considering going to the hospital tonight.

I wish I could share more details and photos but people already living as targets for the City’s heartlessness need our protection.

The City of Chicago really is cruel. So much for social worker leaders…


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